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That's fair enough and I certainly will do all that, but I was just interested in people's views incase I want to experiment with using it while tracking. Keeping in mind, it's not the end of the world if I mess up tracking. I only have a studio for recording my own band and it's purpose is purely for that.
I can see that, yeah. One reason to track with it would be if you only have a single unit, and you want to use that unit on other stuff in the mix. So, if you've experimented and found your path, cool. I always compress bass, clean guitar, vocals and some other things on the way in; just never drums because it's too volatile, and dependent upon the specific song arrangement and where the final mix ends up.

There was a suggestion above to get the plugs. I agree. There is a slight difference (I have LA2A's and 1176 rack units, and I've used the plugs quite a bit also), but the control you get by applying these in mix far, far outweighs the downsides of plug vs rack. Plug does not add the slight thickening effect, but you can track through the unit at 1:1 ratio for this benefit. Then use the plug to do the compression/limiting duties in the mix, dialing it in just right.