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Any of that gear will work...but what is best for you depends on your aesthetic/workflow. If possible, you should try to demo all these options in your room to see how they work with you and the space. Don't get demos of everything at the same'll likely just confuse yourself!

Monitoring would be my first decision, after room treatment this will be most important. The KH120s don't go low enough, perhaps you meant the KH310A? With both the 120's and ATCs you will likely want a sub. You currently use Focals, so I might start with the Trio 6BE...the specs look better than the others, at least for a little more low frequency info, and they have some eq options that might help them translate/perform better in your small room.

ADAC - I use a Hilo and love it. But maybe you will prefer the tone and function of the Apogee...or should save up and get the Dangerous. But you can't know till you try them. The Apollo will get you by while you demo these other options and/or save up for the Dangerous.

Have you considered picking up some kind of room testing and/or correction software? It will at least given you an idea of what's "wrong" with your room and help you figure out if you need to add more treatment, move things around for better translation etc. What kind of desk will you be using? What other furniture is in the space? Will you be doing attended sessions and need a couch and table? Those things might make more of an immediate impact vs a piece of outboard.

After all that is settled and you've had the chance to work on masters using plugins, you'll see how they translate and get a feel for what you think might be "missing" or would help in your daily workflow. Then you can start demoing some outboard.

If I could go back knowing what I know now, I could've saved thousands...but again, we can't really know till we try things in our day to day workflow. You might be stoked on a piece of outboard you demo for a week and buy it, but a year later realize it's not the best fit or doesn't work for everything you thought it might as your skills and workflow change. So you keep it for a specific duty or post it for sale and try some other pieces. Don't get hung up thinking you need a bunch of expensive outboard right out of the gate. Get your room and monitoring solid. Test it and get your rig set up so it's translating well, things will more easily fall into place after that. Have fun and good luck on the new adventure!
Thanks for your great response and insights!! The room has been planned with an acoustician and the build is finished, treatment is nearly maxed for the space, except the option for any tuned traps in the future. I currently own Sonarworks and will do measurements with it and REW. Everything about the room is planned for my needs atm.

About the speakers yes I meant KH310A, sorry for the confusion. Demoing at the country I am currently can be tricky but I will try. About Hilo it was my first option but it was also the only ADAC I heard some complains about the sound, but I know i should take that with a grain of salt.

I used to work on another half treated room for many years, so I d like to finally step up with some outboard for workflow reasons and some imaging and colouring options. I checked a few options with accessanalog service for a while. Tegeler Cream seems a great option for it's price and many people praise it, SB on the other hand is not the easiest decision with the unknown/unpredictable custom taxes etc I could end up having to pay.

I know what you mean I have spend thousands as well, thankfully I only have a few regrets.
I'll try to be a little patient with it, and go step by step but after all these years waiting can be difficult
Thanks again!!