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The venue pictured below is a little over 500 places but I'll include it because it too is privately owned and operated and the level of detail that was put into this purpose built place just blows my mind. The owner is a chef with a Michelin star who decided to add a performance stage to the restaurant, it worked so well that he eventually built this venue out in the countryside and added his restaurant to it...there's even a heated swimming pool for artists enjoyment. The food is absolutely fabulous and his regular lunch and dinner restaurant crowd can see the concert on a big screen in one dining area if they want.

All the technical facilities were designed with input from international touring bands and crews, and everything from the loading dock to the dressing rooms and the catering area is well thought out and vey functional. The thing that strikes every person who walks into the place however is the acoustics of the place...this is only one of two privately owned venues that I know of where the acoustics costed more that everything else in the place. The best part is he did it because he simply wanted the place to sound neighbors to disturb or to bother him at all but the place is tighter than a drum and sounds really good.
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