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How forensically are you using references? If I'm trying to do a fairly genre specific mix, I'll have several references from that genre that, to my ears, epitomise what I'm trying to achieve. That will often include things like: balance between kick and bass; relationship between guitar and bass; relationship between vocal and track.

Personally, I feel that there's a lot of mileage from starting with faders down, then bringing up your kick and bass, and A/B-ing carefully between that and your chosen reference mix(es) that have the kick/bass balance you're looking for. Sure, on the one hand, it's a bit paint-by-numbers. But there will have been a lot of artistic choice that, presumably, went into the selection and shaping of your kick and bass tone, and honestly, my inner-compass just isn't finely honed enough to know for sure whether the bass should be half a dB up or half a dB down, so having a reference mix for that kind of true-north orientation is helpful - and helps ensure that I won't make a series of balance choices that are all 1 or 2dB off (which is easily done), that wind up with a mix that's just a little bit all over the place, but no obvious place where I "went wrong".
I mostly pay attention to the relationship between the kick, snare, guitar, and bass and try to get those elements close to what im referencing. After that I fill in the rest of the drums while listening to everything together rather than just solo balancing the drums