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Of course I use references, mix into the buss compressor, and raise the elements in order of importance and all that other jazz you will read everywhere on the internet by googling mix glue. I know balance is highly subjective but are there any tricks that seem to get you good results or buss compression settings / target GR that just "always work" for you for gluing it all together?
How forensically are you using references? If I'm trying to do a fairly genre specific mix, I'll have several references from that genre that, to my ears, epitomise what I'm trying to achieve. That will often include things like: balance between kick and bass; relationship between guitar and bass; relationship between vocal and track.

Personally, I feel that there's a lot of mileage from starting with faders down, then bringing up your kick and bass, and A/B-ing carefully between that and your chosen reference mix(es) that have the kick/bass balance you're looking for. Sure, on the one hand, it's a bit paint-by-numbers. But there will have been a lot of artistic choice that, presumably, went into the selection and shaping of your kick and bass tone, and honestly, my inner-compass just isn't finely honed enough to know for sure whether the bass should be half a dB up or half a dB down, so having a reference mix for that kind of true-north orientation is helpful - and helps ensure that I won't make a series of balance choices that are all 1 or 2dB off (which is easily done), that wind up with a mix that's just a little bit all over the place, but no obvious place where I "went wrong".