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Best answer:

1) do your own tests with your own mics using your drumkit and your room: don’t make assumptions that other people’s experience because NONE of your exact variables are involved!

2) WHY do you want to use them? Depending on the song, it might make sense to not use any compression, allowing you to use full dynamics plus some parallel compression during the mixing?

3) sell those things and buy the UAD plugs: there are slight differences, yes... but you can swap them out, use both on both, and/or track monitoring them in the chain but not printing the recording

Simplify. Play. Test. Listen.

Trust your gut, and be present in your situation.

Only use other people’s advice as a canvas. Feel free to completely throw out or cover up that canvas depending on what YOU feel is working.
1) I will, but I don't have all my stuff setup yet. New studio. I was just interested in people's views though. Not really asking for advice.

2) I may not. The question was hypothetical. I am not literally asking for advice.

3) I suppose that's a whole other discussion.

Yes. Not looking for advice exactly. Just looking for different opinions out of interest. I don't want to be closed-minded that's all. I have my own ways of figuring out what I need. Thanks.