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nothing bad with finding out about limits and options; my point is just to be a bit careful when applying corrective eq...

i admit i take a lake lm44 speaker processor everywhere i go, even on location recording - having measured and aligned a couple of thousand speaker systems, i am pretty confident using it: not only to align speakers, correct fr, compensate for different spl levels (i wish there would be a device which would allow for dynamic adjustment) but also for my hearing loss! the latter only if other folks attend the mix or mastering sessions though: i don't want to switch between corrected and normal hearing situation too much or too long as it imo takes away too much focus and concentration. also, it took me months to find out when to apply what correction...
That's why I'm not changing the source file just creating a 2nd copy with the corrections.

I googled the Lake lm44 looks like it could be set up to do what I want. Probably more than it's worth for me but I do want to learn more about the Dante expansion options. I recently bought the Merging Technologies Anubis and it is expandable thru a Dante network but going down that road could be expensive and at best I'm a advanced consumer.