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The guy told us that the stage had been used by some of the biggest names in C&W and they were fine with what he had. One of the other techs on our crew mumble "yea in the 1940s and 50s".
around here, there are not too many places left in their stage from the 40's or 50's - not a particularly 'bright' era...

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Glad to hear there are some good venues still left even if they are in Europe.
...there are however many places which date back a few hundret years: i'm currently mixing a theater play in a 750-year old church which showed one of europe's most famous 'danse macabre' in the middle ages...

regarding more modern venues, i could name one in every other city!

[plenty of place up to ca. 2200 capacity. things get really difficult though for capacity between 3000-5000; then there are various places again for 8000-15000 - of course the larger venues are not purpose-built but (partially) owned by the cities and mostly get used for trade shows, conventions etc.]