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Don’t look at pretty pictures or numbers... this is where your ears and many, many, many years of training come into play.

No one becomes a surgeon overnight... nor do you become a mastering engineer overnight. 10 years, is about what it takes IMHO... and that’s doing it day in and day out.

In my day (old man speech here), you had to learn every aspect of being an audio engineer before you could even think of becoming a mastering engineer. Your contemporaries were never going to hire you unless you could supply results they couldn’t achieve themselves.

This year alone I’ve had more clients come back to Silvertone because they got tired of trying to figure it out themselves. Some have stopped recording themselves all together.

I tell clients you can only be great at so many things... so are you a guitar player or an engineer are you a song writer of mastering engineer. Etc... just because a person can play or sing it doesn’t automatically make them a recording engineer.

Of course everyone today is told they can do it themselves. While that may be possible for some for most just the opposite will be true. What’s wrong with a group effort? I tell all my clients that I am grateful for them making me part of the team... and I truly am. I feel privileged every time someone hires me.

There is no magic involved, not one is hiding secrets... it’s all about skill level, which ALWAYS takes time to develop... and some people will never develop it no matter how bad they want it.

That’s life!