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Beam steering column speaker or no for this installation project?

I got a newly built cathedral in town. The old, smaller cathedral building is demolished and a new one will be built in its place. The project manager has done a survey on a singaporean cathedral using a beam steering Fohhn column array speaker and achieved good result. A proposal came to him and offering fixed beam column speaker. But asking for my opinion since i'm in town and quite reputable.

The newly built cathedral is built like a typical modern cathedral, but using gothic cathedral style architectural decoration. IT IS NOT SHAPED LIKE A CROSS as most old cathedral do. I suspect the ceiling will be using wood. It is between 15-20 meters in height. The bulding max length is between 30 to 45 meters.

1. Is fixed beam column array will be suffice for this? Does it have to be tilted to avoid directivity to reflective surface? I suspect so.

2. If we have to go for beam steerable column, do you have a recommendation on a good one with good price / performance ratio? My target is to have the whole sound system below $35k. Fohhn is waay too expensive (above 100k for the singapore cathedral).

Im going for the most little speaker count. And 1 detail i forgot mention that it has a balcony on the back.