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I think the biggest question is how much you rely on the UA plugins and if you want to invest more in them in the future. I've been running Apollo silverfaces since they came out, I finally decide to upgrade the the new X Apollo's (They're getting here in a day or so, can't wait!). I've been on UAD since I started out 15 years ago, so it's been a gradual buildup and investment. Everything Audient makes is fantastic and in terms of their physical hardware vs. the Apollos, I think the Audient stuff is just as good while being cheaper. But, the Audient doesn't do everything the Apollo does. I'm sure someone is going to pop in here and try to argue that point, but that's just how it is. In terms of converters, preamps and other tangible things though, the Audients are right up there in quality.

Some things to consider: Have you thought about keeping your current Apollo (You said it was a duo, so I'm assuming it's the rack silverface and not a twin) and getting an x4 and slaving the silverface to the x4? Might save you some money and give you room to expand down the line as well? Another consideration is if you buy a new rack Apollo before the end of the year, UA will give you a voucher for a free Satellite (I think the x6 gets you a quad satellite). You mentioned wanting to get a satellite, so the x6 might actually still save you some money over the x4 in the long run.

Either way, there's no wrong choice here. Both companies make great gear, but you'll pay a bit of a premium for the UA stuff. The tradeoff is you get some cool plugins though!