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Can't control my Voice's ''raspiness'' - Help please!

Hey Gearslutz friends, this is my first post so please bare with my choice of words in the title and in this post

Here is my issue: Especially at the beginning of certain phrases, and when I'm not singing ''breathy'', my voice tends to be really raspy; I have a hard time explaining this but I recorded a little snippet just for this thread so I can demonstrate what I mean.
No matter what I try I cannot tame this, and also I'm aware that it shouldn't sound so harsh while recording.

My Vocal chain is Neumann TLM 102 -> GAP Pre 73 -> Focusrite Scarlette -> Mac (Logic)
I'm uncertain if it is my chain or if my voice is just that hard to handle.
I have recorded my voice several time in my Uni's studio, and the problem did not occur, tho to be fair they have a 100k$ SSL and it's pre-amps sitting around. I think I used a AKG 214 or something (at uni).
I used to own a SM7b, where the issue wasn't so bad either, but I felt it lacked too much detail in transients for the type of vocal I was going for.

So as I said I recorded a little snippet (around 20 sec of just my voice and some soft e-piano) that I attached, where I tried to exaggerate the effect while singing, but this happens just as much when I would sing ''normally''. I have done no post processing except for a lowcut at around 100hz and some slight compression for audibility (raspiness sounds just as bad without).

I'd be so thankful for any tips as to what the issue could be, or what Mic/preamp or whatever I could buy to help this. If you guys need me to clarify anything I'll gladly do so in the comments.


Edit: Maybe I should clarify that by can't controlling my voice I don't mean while singing, but in the mix. I can sing really breathy and this issue doesn't occur, but obviously I do not want to be singing breathy the whole time. I also severely exaggerated the Issue (which seems to be vocal fry) during the recording.
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