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100 ft Headphone extender

Hi guys first time caller, longtime listener...

I have a home studio that I track and record rough demos for my band. I want to improve the audio quality of the vocals and decided to set up a vocal booth in a closet on the other side of the house. Its about a 100 ft run up through the attic and back down. In scanning through the threads for the last hour or so, it looks like there is little concern running a 100 foot xlr cable from the interface(scarlett 18i20) to the mic(shure sm7B) and running a 100 ft of headphone extension cable for monitoring. Am I right there? Any advice on finding a 100 ft headphone extension isnt finding anything that long, thinking about chaining together 4 25 foot headphone cable together. Just want to get it right before climbing around in my attic.