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Mike and Mixer Recommendations for Recording Singing Bowls and Gong

Hi all. New member after some lurking. Should be a basic question, hopefully I chose the correct forum.

I am a member of a spiritual fellowship, and a friend does some sound baths with crystal singing bowls, a gong, chimes, and a keyboard.

I already own a Zoom F4 that I use for recording workshops and other verbal sessions.

Recently I recorded the bowls, gong, etc with two AT 4040 mikes and got pretty good results. I would like to get it good, so I’m thinking instrument-type mikes, maybe one for each two bowls, one for the gong, maybe two or three for the chimes they are on a rack, six chimes spaced nine inches apart).

My question is, which mikes are recommended for this? Can I use AT Pro 37s, or something in that price range? Different mikes for chimes/bowls and the gong? How many? Can I start with one between each set of gongs an chimes and expand, will that be good enough?

Finally, to use the F4 to record (can I assume it will provide good quality?), can you recommend a mixing board that will serve me moving forward, meaning cover my high-end expected expansion (I guess twelve or sixteen mikes), and provide nice output of the sound for the Zoom to record? Or am I not even looking at this properly?

Thanks to anyone willing to offer advice on this...