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Old 11th November 2019
Here for the gear

Decision Made--but still glad to learn so keep chiming in!

Well, I've made my purchase and they're on their way. The sales this time of year are beautiful.

I'm getting a set of the new EV RE3's. The RE2's had great reviews, and the RE3's are looking great so far, even though they're relatively new to the market.

Main reasons: 1) Metal transmitters. They're going to look and feel more professional to my clients (even if that made no real difference, impressing clients is a must). But I think that makes them more sturdy. 2) They come with 1/2 wave antennas. This should prevent me from needing to spend $700ish on paddles and cables, as my receivers are usually very close to the transmitters (I use on-stage digital mixers, Mackie DL32R and Behringer XAir16). 3) Insurance/Plausible Deniability -- stuff happens sometimes. But having better and more precise (frequency-wise) equipment I think makes it easier to stay out of trouble, and if stuff does go awry during a gig, at least I can say that my gear is not entry-level.

Getting up to speed on wireless is still new to me so keep coming with all of the nerd-level info and thoughts on this entry/mid-level wireless mic stuff.

I'll be running these through a distributor soon (haven't found the right sale yet). If I have any reception problems I can just buy some BNC cables and remote mount the 1/2 wave antennas before jumping to a directional antenna.