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Old 11th November 2019
Here for the gear

UAD Apollo x6 or Audient?

After saving all year to upgrade my gear it's finally time to buy a new audio interface.
I have an old Apollo Duo silver with thunderbolt connection and the X6 was my next goal. I'm not recording too many instruments live (2/3 max).
Due to its price I did some search online and read soooo many good reviews on the Audient interfaces that I was actually thinking of buying it instead...
I have very few unison preamps plugins and with the money I'll save, I can buy a satellite for all the other plugins.
While I'm not sure which Audient is a good replacement (Could record drums in the future so more inputs could be a bonus), any of you guys have experience with the UAD X gen and Audient? Are there any differences in terms of audio quality? Or should I stick to UAD and use ADAT in the future with an Audient?

Sorry for all the mess, I'm new in this forum