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Audible phasing has nothing to do IMO with free running or not. Free running has more to do with clicks at the start of a note. In your example it's rather a question of tuning precision. You might hear some phasing on some unisons/supersaws with phase locked oscs at the start of the note but you would need many oscs stacked. Try it on software with stacked oscs and tweak free running or not.
I don't have any software or a computer to run it at the moment, but I do have the SY77 that lets you choose. It sounds more spread out and full when the operators are set to free running, like they're not trying to fight for the same space like when they're phase synced. Maybe phasing wasn't the best way to describe it. I suppose maybe free running has different parts of the waveform playing on each oscillator at the same time, so you don't get that locked together thing going. At least that's how I picture it in my head based off the SY77.