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So I did a session for myself this weekend. Jazz quartet in my studio. My drum set, but I don't play drums. I'm a guitar player. That's my axe in the control room. The bass in the kitchen iso room. That's a Bock 251 mic on the bass. Te drums have Peluso P12's for overheads, Sennheiser MD441 on snare and EV RE16 on bottom/shell snare. Royer 121 on Hats, RE20 on kick, Pelsuo TR14 tube ribbon on rack tom, ATM25 on floor tom. Keyboard recorded direct and midied for later Ivory or Keyscape or something. Guitar I used Axe Fx III.
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Today in the studio... (photo upload thread)-hr-quartet-11-8-19-drums.jpg   Today in the studio... (photo upload thread)-hr-quartet-11-8-19-keyboard-drums.jpg   Today in the studio... (photo upload thread)-hr-quartet-11-8-19-cr-3.jpg   Today in the studio... (photo upload thread)-hr-quartet-11-8-19-kitchen-bass-bock.jpg