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Okay, so there's your problem Cubase 9 onwards doesn't support 32 bit.

8.5 is still a huge upgrade from V5, over that journey Cubase has grown features such as MIDI Note expression, Harmony Generation, Instrument tracks, hitpoint detection, Track versions, Retrologue 2, Render in place, VCA faders, Chordpads, Grooveagent SE, virtual bass amp (superb!), Quadrafuzz 2, envelope shaper, multiband expander - the list goes on - well worth running 8.5 over 5.

At least I'll use the URS in FL Studio. I surprisingly edit all my vocals in FL Studio. Probably rare these days. I was checking the pensado place where Louis Bell said he used the URS strip still on vocals(I used to use it a long time ago) and so I bought it. When it comes to vocal compression, more is better in my books lol.