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Hi Chris,

I'm down at the south end of the Peak District and when I travel north I to Manchester etc., I often give the M6 a miss and travel up through the Peak District.

When you convert your LR stereo into M&S, how do you go about accomplishing that. I used M&S sometimes on occasion, but getting LR to M&S is a bit of a brain teaser.
The Voxengo MSED plugin I recommended in my previous post can do this as well.
i.e. “Encode” (LR to MS) in addition to “Decode” (MS to LR) and “Inline” (LR to MS-allowing manipulation of stereo width, etc and then back to
If you use this plugin in “Inline” mode as an insert on
any LR stereo channel you can easily adjust the
stereo width and still have a LR stereo channel.