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Free Running DCO or Digital Oscillator Synths?

Tried searching again and couldn't come up with anything, so I'm either terrible at using the search engine or for some reason I'm the first to ask about these things... Anyway... My question is what DCO or digital oscillator synths have free running oscillators, or have the option? I know plenty that have "analog feel/error/slop", but that's randomized tuning. I know the SY77 allows you to set operator starting phase point, or set them to free running, but aside from that I'm not aware of any others.

I ask since I've found that the vast majority of the time I prefer free running over phase synced, and I suppose it's why I've always felt cold on the DCO and digital synths I've owned when compared to listening to VCO synths. I always attributed tuning drift as to why since that's what everyone talks about when they say VCO are better and sound more alive, but it's definitely free running oscillators to me and maybe a little tuning drift furthers that fullness and liveliness. There's a huge difference in how the SY77 sounds just solely on the operator phase relationship, so I don't think I'm that crazy. So any other digital synths that offer this, or is it normally a VCO synth only deal to have the oscillators free running?