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Is this a power issue?

Hi everybody,

I am experiencing some weird problems with my Metric Halo 2822 interface (3D upgraded). When I connect any of the outputs from it to any of my hardware boxes I get a very loud noise that sounds like feedback (not 50-60 Hz mains hum).

I tried disconnecting all other IO cables and just running a single 2882 output -> Sub37 external input (or any other hardware) and the result is always the same. All my gear is connected to the same power strip, all audio cables are balanced.

The only way I found I could affect this noise is by squeezing the 2882 power brick (if I move it or squeeze it - it sometimes changes the pitch of this noise just a bit, doesn't make it quieter). This makes me suspect that it's a power related issue but I don't understand how to resolve it.

I suspect this must be something very common but I only dealt with mains hum in the past and this sounds completely different.

Do you have any suggestions on how to resolve or even troubleshoot this?

I have attached the recording of this sound.

Thank you!
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