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Here for the gear

Looking for subwoofer for studio, JBL, presonus or Rhythmik?

So I've narrowed down my choices to either he JBL LSR310s, Presonus T10 or Rhythmik L12. I initially purchased a presonus t10 that died within 3 weeks, I really enjoyed the sound of it and the ability to use a foot pedal to check the mix. I also liked that it had a variable crossover I could set at 100 or 120 if needed.

Looking up further online it appears a lot of people have had issues with these units dying. I found on amazon an extra 4 year warranty for 110$ and I'm considering repurchasing the Presonus T10 but it makes it quite pricey at that mark.

The LSR310s only cuts off at 80, and I've heard some people have issues with it being very quiet, sometimes barely noticeable alongside the mains which is not really what I want from a 200 watt sub...

The rhythmik are a bit pricier but come with a 3 year warranty, 300 watts, sealed sub, apparantly go quite low i think it was 19... they also have a variable crossover, I am pretty tempted to go with the rhythmiks but hesitant as they are not typically for music use? its also the largest at 12" even though the box is smaller.

any advice here? I am running mackie HR624s as my mains, I would like to monitor a 5 string bass through these so I require quite low definition and would like to take the strain off my mains. Kinda leaning towards the rhythmik as ive heard quite a lot of good things but its all on home theatre pages, can you accurately mix on them?