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Best hooks/plugs for hanging bass traps from plasterboard ceiling

Apologies if this has been covered before, but couldn't find any precise info here, and elsewhere just links to US companies (like "Ooks") - also it's a bit more of a DIY question than an acoustic measurement question so hope that's OK!

I want to hang a bass trap (standard GIK 244 panel, 600mm x 1200mm, weighing I think 5.6 kg) from a ceiling which sounds hollow, so presumably plasterboard. I'm planning to hang it from 4 hooks to spread out the weight.

Have been googling this for an hour or so now, but just don't have the DIY know-how to know what the best product is to hang it from... some sort of rawl-plug or expanding spring-toggle bolt presumably, but ones with a hook?

Have seen mention of hanging plant hooks, and a US company called "ooks" - but can anyone recommend some hooks that'll fix securely into a plasterboard ceiling that are available in the UK?