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Here for the gear

Are These People Blocking My Way?

It's my second post on this forum first of all. I'm 19 years old and making music since almost last year. I'm trying to learn as much as possible for making my craft
better. Really helpful place to be gotta say and I need your experiences and advice for this one:

My problem is, I have two "rappers" and the one who make their EP is me. When I first started this, they were really into it and gave credit for working hours for vocals, mix and mastering. But, I feel like these people now acting like they don't give a **** about it. And I don't even charge them for recording and other all stuff because we are friends.

I know that If I help them they will succeed but I cannot make beats, record, mix, master and getting just full of empty words exchange my efforts.

What would you do If you were me? You got 2 20 year old guy that are shows talent but they don't even give money or buy me a food for my work or even say some good words. Would you quit and work alone or help them rise with them and keep quiet?