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Ozone 9 Sounds "Constricted"?

I recently purchased Ozone 9 and am using it to master an album for a client. I was trying to keep myself honest by not only using the "GAIN MATCH" feature, but also turning off Ozone 9 completely, and then turning up my monitors to compare the original 2 track, but at a "non processed" louder volume.

I noticed that it sounded more open, and the Ozone 9 with processing was more constricted sounding. So I think well, it's got be my over use of compression, etc. More experimenting led me to one by one bypassing the modules I was using within Ozone 9. Bottom line, I discovered that if I have Ozone 9 loaded on the stereo bus (using Cubase 10 for mastering), even if I have the modules bypassed, it "Constricts" the sound.

I wound up only using the maximizer module as a separate plugin, coupled with a couple other separate plugins, to achieve the desired results.

Shouldn't Ozone 9 have zero effect IF there are no modules active? Has anyone else experienced this? Clearly I have more experimenting to do.