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Like most EU countries, these are installed in all cultural venues that are publicly owned or sponsored in France, not only is there a record of the SPL tracking but these system will also cut the electricity to the stage effectively shutting down the backline, PA and lights if the SPL goes above the threshold for a given period of time. If the system is triggered on three separate occasions in one night the electricity to the stage will be cut for several hours.

All the systems in France have a visual monitor to indicate the real-time state of the system, and the measurement microphone is placed in front of one stack/hang in line with the first row of the audience. The systems can be monitored remotely by the authorities and Tampering with it sends a message/alarm directly to them.

Private venues and big open air events are not required to have these systems.

This is the most popular system I see in European venues:

These photos were taken yesterday:
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