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Gear Maniac

There are a few things I'd like to see as workflow improvements
1.the ability to freeze a track (or tracks) on the console so that they don't disappear out of view when scrolling left or right in a song with lots of tracks. This would be similar to Microsoft Excel freeze column or freeze row feature.
2.the ability to turn off /Bypass all instances of the same plugin from the plugin gui. Simply display the plugin and from the top left menu icon click Bypass all instances as a way to a/b with and without the effect.
3.the ability to detach a tracks mixer from the inspector so that it floats freely. I think Pro Tools has this and its a feature I'd use on my 2nd monitor(which is a touch screen). My main monitor is not touch enabled.
4.the ability to reposition the transport bar.
5.I'd also back up what xmission requested in being able to rearrange tracks from the track view list.