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So I caved and just bought one (pending delivery).
.. OK, I'm a convert. I'd never really looked at/used high-end mics (I've been using an AT4050 for like ever), so before I bought the Sphere I did a ton of research, listening to the shootouts, learning the models and their flavours, and wondering what would work for my voice.

It became clear that all the pattern manipulation stuff would be super handy. Oh yeah it is! Just slightly changing the polar pattern can really affect the sound in super useful ways - eg. narrowing or opening up a vocal. Or the other use, reducing off-axis spill. Ditto being able to sing slightly off-axis after the fact - that again changes the sound character (eg. backs off some high-end)! And being able to tweak the proximity effect.

I'm doing all 3 on my first track with it, and now I understand why nobody is selling used Spheres! It may sound like nerd tweaking, but you can take an OK vocal to exactly how you hear it without trying to massage it there with traditional hit-and-miss processing (and I'm sure it's not completely possible that way).

So I figured that the 251 would probably work on me. Turns out on this track I like the C12 best - but then I ended up mixing a little 251 in, with a little phase adjustment, all from the Sphere plug. So now I have a custom, physically impossible (you probably couldn't get both real mics that close to each other), pre-manipulated sound as if it was recorded with all those tweaks - all done after the recording.


I am looking forward to a few more specimens of each mic model. Chris said that was planned in a podcast, so I hope that's still the case. I'm sure the variance between each instance will come in real useful down the line, especially when you know which mic models work, but you just need a little variety within that sonic fingerprint.

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