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Old 10th November 2019
Here for the gear

The BLX is dirt cheap. I've used them at one of the smaller venues I work at and they are really quite nice. But it's not exactly a challenging space; just a little bar with a tiny performance area in the back room. The TX and RX are only about 20 feet from each other, and we're only using two channels: one with a SM58 capsule and one with a Beta 58.

The SLX is more in line with what I would its main competitor, another classic entry-level RF choice: the Sennheiser evolution wireless series. Both are really solid choices. I am not familiar with the EV wireless lineup.

I would recommend stepping up to the SLX if you think the following is important:
  • Interchangeable capsules
  • Ability to tune to specific frequencies outside of prespecified groups
  • IR sync
  • External antennas
  • Marginally better sound

I've used both the BLX and the SLX. I think the SLX is worth the money if you are working in more challenging RF environments or are doing gigs around town. It also gives you room to grow with more components (external antennas, more channels, etc.). But since you don't think you'll need much more in the future, the BLX is probably fine. I also really like the Sennheiser evolution stuff.

If you really want amazing performance, I highly recommend stepping up to the digital units, like the QLXD. But analogue RF is really good and has been for awhile.

Stay away from the 2.4 GHz stuff.