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Logic takefolder crossfade bug.


I’ve encountered an annoying crossfade bug in Logic 10.4.4 that was still there in 10.4.6. Worked correctly in 10.3, Not able to easily try 10.4.7 as would need to update OS but can anyone running 10.4.7 confirm for me if this bug is still present? :

Inside a take folder, turn off quick swipe comping, separate a section of a take with the marquee tool, then move that section in time left or right - as if you were editing timing within a take, rather than comping to a different take.

After doing this, in 10.4.4 the region boudaries have fade outs instead of cross fades, and there’s no way to change them, resulting in bad/audible edits. In 10.3 it works correctly and creates cross fades at the region boundaries. You can work around it in 10.4.4 by moving the chopped section to a different lane in the take folder at which point the boundaries immediately become cross fades again. Can anyone else verify this bug behaviour, and/or confirm if it has been fixed in 10.4.7? I have reported the bug to Apple via the feedback forms...