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Originally Posted by SWardle View Post
Oh yes you see it everywhere - all over the INTERNETSSSSS!!!!

All of these boxes, knobs, sliders, and wires all over the place. These Devil Worshippers selling this junk on all these so-called websites, trying to fool you into believing in this idea of a SYNTHESIZER RENAISSANCE.

Don't you DAAAAAARE believe a word of it!!

I'm hear to tell you right now that nobody, and I mean nobody except for a few degenerates, are buying synthesizers. I've yet to go over to anybody's house anywhere and even see one!! Why I've even overheard children in my own neighborhood say they wouldn't even think to ask their daddy for money on such things. Not when you can make the same kind of Devil noise with a mangy cat and a Canadian shock stick!!

Now I'll tell you what's REEEEEAAALLY selling these days. PIANOS!!! That's right! There are sooooo many pianos being made and sold these days that I can drive down the streets and see them out on the curbs next to the garbage cans and on that son of a gun Craig's List. There's so many pianos now that even the grandmas are giving them away.

It's a PIANO RENAISSANCE, you fool!!!
My cat burns your piano to flame his bourbon still while roasting you on a Canadian shock stick