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Jon, IDE doesn't actually have to deal with all that termination junk, but you have to keep track of the master/slave/cable select jumper settings. Shouldn't be related to the issue you're having.

Also, SCSI cards will often use a ribbon similar to IDE for internal connections. It's actually 50 pins, vs. the 40 you usually see for IDE.

If it's any consolation, I've had both of those cards here for samplers, though the Tekram may have been under 98SE. My last one would have been that Adaptec under XPsp3. From what I've seen, Windows' reaction to the alien sampler technology isn't always the same. I know I've got at least one unit here (Roland S-750) which doesn't show up in the device manager or give any notification, though the SCSI card and all its software are working fine. There may be a utility or something which can tell you exactly what's on the bus, but I haven't had to do that in ages.

Lastly, try to find out what SCSI IDs everything is set to, to make sure you don't have any conflicts. Sometimes the sampler may default to the same one the PCI card uses (7, I believe), since they're both expecting to be the host.

Hope you get it worked out.
Thanks.. I tried 98 drivers, put these in Recycle folder, installed through Adaptec (device manager) and System32 but still no luck. Changed the IDs on sampler. I did notice on the Akai that it says SCSI Drive Not Ready even after changing ID etc, is that because they are not talking? Will put in Tekram card and try that too. Then I think last resort is to try installing Windows 98 and see if that works. Might have to go back to hot sampling straight in otherwise, which isn't a bad thing but would love to get Recycle working though ;0