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Hey girls & boys!

How is everybody doing?! Hope you are all doing great.

Now, let's get down to business. I had a privilege having forced this suuuuuperrrrr-nice EQ plugin to it's maximum. Not by just playing some Sine (or any other for that matter) wave thru it but playing real life music, recordings, instruments and getting the job done using just 'that one' digital EQ. SantaCruz rocks! It has it's own things going on under the hood but in my honest opinion (really honest since I don't produce Rihanna or Chart No.1 hits thru it) this EQ is all one need in digital domain. Of course, if one is more accustomed to any other EQ - OK. Same thing. But SantaCruz has a few curvature topologies coded inside and all are extremely helpful. And they will make you smile. I am sure of it.

And if anybody asks - no, I am not in any way affiliated with MAAT nor I am getting paid for publishing my opinions. Free will people, free will.

Have a great time recording & mixing!


Get this one and give it a test run. It sounds so good. Really good. I love my other tools that team MAAT did so SantaCruz is just another amazing tool that gives much joy in your day to day production that it really hurts!