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SCSI, Akai, Recycle and Windows XP 32 Bit Probs.

I know there's threads already on this but I still can't find an answer or work it out.

Tried with loads of different ASPI drivers now, including evaluation of Nexitech. Also 2 different SCSI cards on my XP 32 bit machine, which is a fresh install on a new IDE hard drive (I did notice the SCSI cards both have IDE connectors would it work adding a hard drive directly to the card, has anyone done this?) I have tried with Recycle 2.0, Chicken Translator but no luck at all... Device manager sees SCSI cards (Adaptec ava 2904 and Tekram DC-390) but nothing ever shows for my Akai CD3000XL or Akai S2000 under 'Other Devices' which I am thinking is the issue? It's a brand new SCSI cable as well. Only thing I haven't tested is the PCI connection on the board but I am assuming it's driver related as sees the SCSI cards in DM. Any ideas would be welcome, thank in you