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I just tried different sample rates and sounds the same.


Mac > Focusrite 18i20 > TRS to XLR > FA-65s

I have moved the speakers around the room and out of the room - and the sound is very much coming from the speakers - can no one seriously hear the subtle distortion in the second sample? It really does very much feel like this is present in the sample - with having tried 2 different sound cards... it's subtle but it's very there
does all music do it or just your vsts?
have you tried rendering the audio , save it to your phone then connect your phone into the speakers to see if the distortion is still there?

have you correctly set up your input levels on the rear of the speakers? IE. try lowering the speakers gain settings and raising the volume on your interface and vice versa.

Are they digital speakers? do they have a setting which switches them between digital and analogue inputs and they're expecting a digital input or external clock ?