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Really nice, small venues...

I’ve been having a run of really nice small venues lately that offer all the right amenities to make the gig experience really enjoyable and worthwhile. These are not bars or restaurants with a stage stuck in a corner, these are “real” professional venues with a bar or restaurant on the side.

They’re all under 500 capacity, with professional production equipment (light and sound) with experienced and knowledgeable staff running things....and two nights ago I got schooled on how house techs and other venue staff are supposed to operate. From stagehands, technicians and the people who take care of the dressing rooms and catering, everybody was on top of their game, nobody served drinks, smokes, or anything else...just a very high level of professionalism. The Stage crew seemed to be always a step ahead of me and the was awesome but unnerving at the same time, even the band noticed.

All of these venues offered clean and well equipped facilities that would put some prestigious venues to shame...good PA, lights, stage, microphone stands great access, inside and outside, riders were respected to the letter etc. here are pictures of a couple of them...more to come.
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Really nice, small venues...-698fe33a-bbf2-476c-9edf-c09eec5ccd2c.jpg   Really nice, small venues...-994b0064-baed-45cb-ae85-867bb7cda27c.jpg   Really nice, small venues...-8ecc4c47-75b6-4a04-8294-c0e1a547cb84.jpg   Really nice, small venues...-c0fa859e-1e7d-41f7-8834-a71bf0bd5a1b.jpg   Really nice, small venues...-8f1a8079-c60d-4ada-8da7-b383d46c8888.jpg  

Really nice, small venues...-2075e089-bfce-4c7a-803f-10f4b512c163.jpg   Really nice, small venues...-508250e0-e016-45b7-8801-17ceb8ed44f8.jpg   Really nice, small venues...-a63bb0b2-0feb-4081-973f-1e5aee63bc8b.jpg   Really nice, small venues...-a2732ef5-785a-454a-8278-a8fc9a9aa030.jpg   Really nice, small venues...-1ecc5b7a-7a6c-4468-b31e-4779b3cf87f3.jpg  

Really nice, small venues...-1278cbcb-288a-4f77-9277-451a167bacae.jpg   Really nice, small venues...-d0783fb2-b582-46b0-b757-3a0fc8283d30.jpg   Really nice, small venues...-f4afae4a-1a51-498a-b06e-0dad5f6db5f3.jpg