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French 79 / mixing & mastering

Anybody know what kind of tracking/mixing/mastering setup french 79 uses?

I have a playlist i have been tinkering with, and was wondering if by some freak of nature light Asylum had another album. No. They did not. Still sad face.

So i began exploring, fell into a nice ‘similar to’ rabbit hole and found this guy french 79 who had a few tunes I liked. Fast forward, the data gods figured out I was listening to him and the other day said hey, he has a new album so I gave it a shot, and thought hmm I do like.

I began wondering what his setup was because i liked the stereo and crisp arrangement/experienced mix (from my pov), and always am interested to see whats shaking. Btw I have a soft spot for french ... retro? I am not a genre guy and didnt know he was french (yes the name would be a clue but in this day and age its not a given, also vocals were english), just that I liked his music.

To me the french sound is refined and classy so I was happy to listen him and not surprised by the fact he hails from France. Makes sense. It sounded nice and hi fi which to me is my favorite part about what I consider our modern renaissance of audio.


i googled and from what I could find about him is, to nobodies surprise, in french. I did some cursory synth spotting (always fun) but didnt feel like squinting for the tracking/mixing and I am not on facebook. So...gslutz is next.

Would anyone happen to know? Thank you in advance.