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@ Chadolds , I'm sorry you see it that way.
I was reacting to your second post and also quoted that.
A lot of people do waste money if you look at it that way.
Too often I see people here asking questions about gear that I could only dream of but the questions are about simple basic things.
We all have to learn, I'm learning every day.
And that's ok, but expectations are often far from reality.
That there are people or studio's that spend a fare lot of money on gear is often just that they have plenty of money, they don't really need it.
The biggest mistake I often see happening is that people start to belief it's all in the gear (hey we are on gearsluts here), but forget that the biggest contribution to a great result is for the biggest part performance, and knowledge of using what they already got.

There was a studio that invited students to give their opinion about some preamps.
They were listening to some expensive preamps against a dead cheap one.
They didn't know which one they were listening to.
You guess it, they couldn't hear any difference or even preferred the cheap one.
After telling the truth a student ask why the studio would invest in expensive preamps if the difference wasn't that obvious.
They honestly explained that customers paying good money expect to see that kind of gear and they simply have the budget.
Is there no difference? Yeah sure there is, but they are minor in the end and things like build quality are important to if you are working with them every day.

These days it seems that expectations are also that we can get fast fixes (tutorials or effects) for issues we encounter.
And yes, you can learn a lot that way but every situation is different and every issue is unique as is the solution.
Experiment and use your ears! It can be frustrating but you will learn the most that way.
So perhaps my reaction was out of frustration that a lot of people just don't invest in themselves and only look for quick answers.
And that's not fair to you, sorry for that.