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IIRC most if not all A&H EQs are considerably less aggressive/effective than anything made by SSL.

Midas Venice F has a good EQ.
Soundcraft Ghost might be interesting for a small studio if you want parametric mids and can live with fixed frequency shelves.
If you are OK with a larger live board, you might be able to get a very nice console for your budget.
Some examples:
Midas XL3 (usually a bit more expensive, but I've seen at least a couple in your price range)
Soundcraft MH4
Soundcraft MH3 (reliable, but harder to repair - not modular)
Soundcraft Series Four
Soundcraft Series Five (if you are really lucky)
Gs3000 is a special board though ... They say it had the same designer as the ghost was a bit nicer can't find any evidence for that. Thing sounds great though.
Incidently OP I have a soundtracs maxi topaz 24 8 2 for sale purely analogue in very good condition though the shipping might cost more than the board!!!!