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short piano only clip

okay.. it's been a while. today I had little spare time to come to studio, and few mic clamp has arrived from states, so I did little experiment by myself.

2 cardioid (cm4), 2 ribbon(LRM-2) were used.

2 cardioid were mic'd middle of the sound board, one towards music stand, one towards low string. pretty closed to strings.

2 ribbons were attached curve side of piano by clamp, 15~20cm spaced.

Preamps are Apollo stock preamps.

I was able to get decent level (peak hitting -6 in DAW, usually -12 between -6).

and before I record myself, I went to drum set and played tom toms to see how much mics picking drum(This made me think, I have to find better way to mic and maybe turn piano little bit. I put each instrument as Steve suggested this time but not exactly, but I did my best. I didn't put Gobo infront of piano this time since I was doing little experiment by myself and running out of time.. so).

tom tom' were hitting -24 between -12 in daw. I'll experiment more next time with Gobo if I have a time...

anyway, I set up few sessions in late December, Guitar Trio, and Guitar + piano trio, Piano trio + Vocal. all of band members are students from university that I teach. pretty excited..

Ah, one more thing. I got Beyer M160 Steve! just one this time, but I'm thinking order one more pretty soon.. problem is I don't have enough time to call a drummer and set up a experiment session, unfortunately.. Nov and Decembers are pretty full.. but hopefully I don't lose my eager and energy to record live band
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