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Old 9th November 2019
Here for the gear

Cable Length and Audio Quality

Hello, I am using a sound devices mix pre 6 as a hub for being able to listen to vinyl and as a usb interface to stream audio from bandcamp via my laptop.

I have a Abacus A box 12 subwoofer and a pair of Abacus C-box 4.

I'm going to use the stereo out of the mixpre 6 which requires a stereo mini jack and this will connect to the subwoofer input with two rca connectors. Then rca out of subwoofer to rca input of c-box 4s.

I would like to invest in some good analogue audio cables such as the audioquest evergreen or red river.

Does it matter that I am using an unbalanced mini jack out to a subwoofer, does the length of the cable matter? Does any of this effect the sonic quality or the stereo imaging?

Just to be clear, this is the gear I have at the moment. I know Sound devices is a location sound recorder, but, this is what I have to get going.

Thank you.