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really happy that they came out with these (assuming they're generally as good as my old UltraLite), i'm in the market for something like this. the m4 looks like a good deal for $220, i don't think the m2 would do it for me and is only $50 less. really thinking about grabbing the m4.

anything else that i should be looking at for under $299?
Right now you are taking a gamble since this new interface has zero reviews (professional or user) and audio samples.

I would grab this for $299.99 before someone else does:

Originally Posted by sanjari View Post
An honest question. For a home studio that uses outboard preamps (and doesnt need more than two inputs), how does this differ to a RME BFP outside of $? Performance specs seem really good.

I'm asking because the price has me scratching my head about "What am I missing?"

The Babyface Pro is a proven audio interface. It's very reliable/stable and also has a long warranty period. Has two headphone outputs, 76 dB of mic pre gain, ADAT, etc. It's also a good deal more money and therefore out of the low budget interface range.