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Originally Posted by Mundox View Post
Fix the room, and get the MKH 416 or 50/60.

We use 416s for all the ADR we do and get fantastic results.
But that's mostly because of the room not the mic itself.

I A/B'd 416 with a 60 once and it took me 30 seconds to match the sound of 416 to 60 with some gentle, broad EQ.

MKH60 would match production a little bit quicker possibly but I'd rather have the brightness of 416 and scoop it out later.
I put up what is requested by the Sound Super. I've had people request the Countryman B6 and a Rode. We'll put up whatever they want.

If I am the Sound Super, then I find out what was used on set.

Like on set, having some air between the actor and the mic is one of the keys to believability. This means a decent sized (larger than a booth), well-treated room.