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It's entirely possible that the guy in the video has DI'd the guitar.

Believe me when I say that doing this makes life much easier if you're going for "live" recordings (ie, playing and singing at the same time).

Set off with the DI'd guitar, and position the vocal mic so the guitar bleed sounds okay.

Record DI and vocal, and then here's the important bit: time-align the two.

There's a time-of-flight difference from the strings to the DI; and to the vocal mic. Time-of-flight difference = phase shifts = cancellations = rubbish tone.

So, pick an easy transient and get those two waveforms lined up.

With all that in place, I'd argue you can no longer blame the electronics. Look at acoustics and performance.


PS - I did come up with a mic technique that gives you stereo guitar, plus vocals, without the phase problems. I think I put it on my website somewhere, but I'll give you a quick overview here: I called it VXY (Vocals, XY) and it adds a mic underneath an XY setup, pointing up towards the singer, with all capsules coincident. You'll need to play with positioning a little, but the idea was that you'll get stereo guitar feed, plus a vocal mic. Both will have bleed from the other, but the cardioid pickup pattern is enough to give you a few dB of leeway when it comes to mixdown. Since the mics are coincident, you won't have trouble with phase differences.
The down-side is you need three matching mics. I use Beyer MC930s.