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Invest your time and money in education and training and get a well-paying job. Then use the job to subsidize your music career on evenings and weekends.
Although, that's also a great way to become a "former musician". That early investment of time, money and energy are all the things that anyone who really, truly wants or needs to be a musician will throw into music instead. By the time you've done the non-music studying, got the job, etc, you'll be nowhere near where people who committed wholeheartedly to music from the get go will be, and while you might be able to afford better gear, there is a very low ceiling to what one can achieve, musically, by trying to pick up an instrument in the evening after a full day at work.

Yes, it's better life advice. But as someone who, briefly, went down that route - though was fortunate enough to have a legal career where, very early on, I could cut back my hours to 3 days a week to accommodate a full-on gigging schedule as well - I can report that: all my friends (a good chunk of them) who managed to have actual careers as musicians, did so by committing to music in their teens, and not even considering anything else. The rest played in pub bands for a bit. Music is like any other art form: evenings and weekends aren't enough to be professionally good - but are fine for pub bands, or doing music as a hobby.

To the OP: if you're serious about this, then it's really all down to your inner drive, persistence and natural talent. If you have those things, then go hard at it. If you want to perform, professionally, on an instrument, you'll need to practise hard and start gigging as soon as you can. If you want to produce, find people who need someone with a studio. Your Soundcloud stuff doesn't sound like you're, yet, in a position to start charging - so collaborate with whoever you can find.

Everything that's taught in those Electronic Music Courses is stuff you can figure out with youtube and Ableton.

Learning an instrument requires regular face to face time with an experienced teacher - who can also provide structure, and help gauge progress. It's a long journey.