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I have some questions about my future as a musician.

This is the situation, I have been producing on Ableton for some years now, 5 years give and take, and have learned a bit of music theory as long with transversal flute for 1 year twice a week. This is were I'm at

These are a few options I realized I have so far:

Electronic Music School
  • Certificate and Teachers
  • Syntorial (No Certificate nor Teachers)
Traditional Music School
  • Drums
  • Other...
Just Keep On Going...
  • Change to a better career for income
  • Try to enter the music industry

??Other?? - Other advices are very welcomed!

If the best advice wold be to Change to a better career for income I would have to invest the same money and time in school for other career.

What is your opinion?

Thanks in advance
Listen, do not ask strangers what career you should pursue and what do with your future. Do this:
1.) Do what makes you happy
2.) Do what drives you
3.) Do what you want and not what a stranger tells you to do
4.) and do what makes you happy