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Old 8th November 2019
New Gear for Mixing and Mastering room

Hi i'm currently building a new project mastering room and i need to buy some gear.
Mainly i'm working on electronic, hip-hop, pop music I did a huge research and ended up with these options:

Apogee Symphony MK2 2x6SE
Lynx Hilo
(Considering also Dangerous Music ADC/DAC but is a bit over my budget)

Focal Trio 6BE or KH120 or ATC SCM25A

Tegeler Audio Creme
Dangerous Music 2BUS+
or Silver Bullet

My current setup: Apollo Twin MK2 Quad, Focal Alpha65. Treated 3m x 4m x 2.72m

I would appreciate some opinions, and ideas to help me, as you know it is tough with all that great gear around us and so many choices. Thanks.

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