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Old 8th November 2019
Cool Music Industry Life Advice


I have some questions about my future as a musician.

This is the situation, I have been producing on Ableton for some years now, 5 years give and take, and have learned a bit of music theory as long with transversal flute for 1 year twice a week. This is were I'm at

These are a few options I realized I have so far:

Electronic Music School
  • Certificate and Teachers
  • Syntorial (No Certificate nor Teachers)
Traditional Music School
  • Drums
  • Other...
Just Keep On Going...
  • Change to a better career for income
  • Try to enter the music industry

??Other?? - Other advices are very welcomed!

If the best advice wold be to Change to a better career for income I would have to invest the same money and time in school for other career.

What is your opinion?

Thanks in advance