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Old 8th November 2019
Here for the gear

You know I appreciate you even replying but honestly why bother. I mean wow 97% is the room and the artist, mic used, mic position, and performance. I have not wrote on here before because I read a lot on these forums and see so many replies to people like this one. I mean dang you guys sure spend a lot of money on that last 3% in gear for most of it all to come down to the artist and their performance. I think most of us know that if you are trying to capture a turd you will get a turd. I for one know that the things you mentioned all have a lot to do with it and figure that most would see all that as common knowledge as well. It's rare you ever see a reply on here that is actually helpful when it comes to a question from a newbie like this. You would think that people who once started out like us noobs would be able to go back in time and remember certain things that made huge impacts on their progression and respond in kind. Like: Perhaps try placing your vocal mic below u and facing up towards your mouth and maybe try to raise your guitar mic and angle it down a bit to see if that removes some of the bleed. Have you tried boosting or cutting around these frequencies(insert whatever) as they can tend cause the guitar and vocals to be in the same area and will mud up the track. Have you tried stereo mics on the guitars to create space around your vocals and see if that blends better together? In the video it sounds like he might have a slight delay on his voice. When I made the jump to this interface and or equipment my quality did improve. Watch these videos, they could be helpful in what you are trying to achieve. Any number of helpful tips could be given but all to often I read these replies from some of you and there just seems to be an elitist air to a lot of them. Like get a good artist and a great room and you are off. Well hell that's good to know cause here I was thinking I might have to make a few financial jumps to get to the quality I truly want when it turns out I just need to sing good and make sure my room is perfect. I'll be producing Grammy worthy music in no time. Now I realize why I never posted before. Thanks anyways.